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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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right now the rain moving out of the bay area but we aren't in the clear yet. live look on your left the north bay which felt the brunt of this storm, on the right the south bay which saw its second significant rainfall of the season. good morning. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're going to get caught up on the olympics in a bit. first let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. the time 4:30. and we are tracking pretty significant rainfall. especially in the north bay. things are starting to improve but i want to show you this live
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picture of san jose where things are looking relatively clear. so we're going to take a look. first, i want to take you live to bob redell out there on the roads. bob, what is the aftermath from this whopper storm? we didn't get a lot in the south bay but we did north of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. of course right now we do have a break in that rain. we're on highway 87 at guadeloupe heading through downtown san jose on northbound 280, you can see this is good, it's going to make for an easier commute but it's not good for our water supplies, the people in charge of our water tell us we need a lot more rain. yes, this storm was helpful but nowhere near enough. we're still at about 20 to 25% of normal rainfall levels for this time of the year. >> i think it would take a good you know, eight inches of rain,
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basically, to start seeing measurable runoff. the shattersheds are that dry. >> reporter: right now we're headed on northbound 280 toward woodside where there is a report after tree down on 84. our traffic anchor mike inouye has more on that. mike. >> good morning, bob. hey, you know, we'll catch up with him. we have the san mateo bridge. we're look at the high rise over the high rise you might get 1/4 a gust or two of wind. chp, they did get caught. so they issued wind advisories for the two spans. there is 92, the area we showed with the live camera. bob's heading out to highway 84 at 35, that's basically in portola valley. a tree reported down across wires and bob will make his way but it's a windy road as you see from 84. we'll watch as the morning continues for reports of maybe rocks or debris or trees down as
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more folks hit the roads they can report what happened. the rest of the south bay and through the peninsula moves smoothly now. we don't have flooding reported but as more folks hit the road we're likely to see more. we see slowing for 87 but no problems on that stretch. back to you. >> it's a tough one. as the rains damaged roads, caused mudslides and floods streets and businesses across the bay area. in the north bay nearly four straight days of rain turned downtown mill valley just into rivers. look at the street. this morning the waters receded but the sandbags ups in case the water rises again. flooding in businesses and costing thousands in lost revenue. >> inside the restaurant, my office was about a half foot deep. >> we've been shut down. we should be up and running now so it's lost revenue. every minute that passes that we're not open we're not making money. >> a tough go for the business. nearby homes have been affected and even mudslides. one slide severely damaged a
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back yard shed and the mud came to rest at the corner of a home 50 feet below. >> a look at folsom lake near sacramento, a dramatic change in the amount of water flowing into the reservoir. not enough. water levels have risen at least eight feet in the last couple of days with the reservoir climbing from 17 to 20% capacity, it's a big change in a short time but it's still an historic low with levels at just a third of where they should be. this time of year. >> people who run ski resorts in tahoe are rejoicing. take a look at that. reports up to eight feet of new snow at the summit of some resorts. look at it grow. snow came down so fast it caused the unofficial snow stake to tip over. lake tahoe has risen more than four inches but experts say it's not enough to get us back to normal. to put this drought into perspective we would need five
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more storms like this in the next few weeks just to get back to an average. we'll celebrate what we have while we have it. to sign up to get weather alerts visit our website >> well, the olympic flame burning in soch wre it's after 4:30 in the afternoon. several events took place while you were sleeping. they are going to air tonight. we're about to show you some of the results. >> if you don't want to spoil it close your eyes and wait for the music to end. safe to look again. come on back. >> u.s. officials praising russia this morning as the first few days of competition have ended without any major security
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issues. they are aggressively pursuing leads that they have, some include kicking in doors and taking people down. >> officials site multiple layers of security around the games and behind the scenes. lawmakers say cooperation between the u.s. and russia is not as strong as it's been in the past olympics. targets outside the official venues still the biggest concern. >> they want to make a global statement, they want to get jihad statement. what better time than right now. >> analysts say terrorists would consider an attack anywhere during the olympics to be a victory. nbc caught up with several americans including some from california say they are not worried. >> i mean, you feel so safe being here and everybody is so friendly and all of the volunteers have been so great to us and everything. so you know, we almost feel like home already. >>ing within feet of people who are olympians has to be the most amazing thing in the world. it's a positive event. it's hard to be negative and be
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scared when it's just a positive like world gathering. >> a series of selfies are emerging, americans visiting russia for the games, the olympic flame has become a hot spot for the selfie. >> coming up we'll sit down with america's newest golden girl. hear what lake tahoe's jamie anderson has to say about winning the first gold medal in women's slope style. for complete coverage you can visit our website sign up for our olympic news letter and you'll get updates directly to your e-mail. >> let's go back and talk about the rain. that's the other big story. what an amazing amount of rain in the north bay. >> we stayed indoors except christina. you were here all weekend. >> i was. i'm glad i was because we had tremendous storm reports from the north bay where we accumulated over a foot of rainfall over the course of four days. we so needed it especially our
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grape growers in napa. we accumulated 11-plus inches of rainfall. now up in napa we're up to 40% of average and that's for the year including that extremely dry stretch that we had to get through. now look at these totals. they are so tremendous. especially mill valley, that's on the valley floor, 10.5 inches. look at your los gatos number, about five inches of rainfall. so we're doing a lot better in terms of water year. that's such great news. we still need a lot more rain and there is a little more on the way. i'm going to talk about when but first want to check your roads. as you know there will be some aftermath especially in the areas prone to flooding. good morning. >> yes, probably going to see more reports of flooded roadways and mud and debris as more folks hit the road. if a tree falls but if a rock slide and no one sees it is it a rock slide.
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580 westbound getting philosophical. trying to make plaques for the kitchen. west 580, a smooth drive, you can see the roadway pretty dry. no major problems. the map will show you the same. you'll see west 580 is green, that's where the camera was. the yellow heading north, 680 at 60 miles per hour. no problems reported through san ramon. a smooth drive down the east sho shore. you see there are a couple there, it's all we can see now because farther down the road it's blocked out by low clouds drifting through the area. back to the maps, we'll talk about low clouds and maybe some winds blowing the low clouds around. a warning from chp on the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge you might get caught with a gust or two. a smooth drive but look at 37
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westbound from vallejo to novato showing speeds down in the upper 50s. back to you. >> slowing it down. >> still ahead "today in the bay," major news out of the football world. the nfl could first welcome its first openly gay player. >> another problem for the new span of the bay bridge. it has nothing to do with busted bolts. we'll explain how the weather is causing a new concern.
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welcome back everyone. a very good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside, that's from palo alto along 101 there where the ikea sign lights up so brightly. you know, all the days of rain you see how slick it was. it exposed a new problem on the bay bridge. the moisture reaching a place it really shouldn't be. the new eastern span of the bridge, rain water is dripping into a $6.4 billion section. chronicle reports water was found beneath the road deck on the suspension stretch of the east span which is supposed to be water tight. some experts say that could pose a risk of corrosion. the public information office scheduled a meeting to talk about the problem and what's being done about it. >> attorney general eric holder
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will tell federal employees to give sax sex couples the same. some of the benefits include the right to decline to give testimony in court against a spouse, the ability to file for joint bankruptcy and the right to collect alimony. the benefits will apply to all married same-sex couples even in states that do not recognize same-sex marriage. >> all american defensive lineman and s.e.c. defensive player of the year michael sam has become the first active college football player to come out as gay. sam who plays for the missouri tigers is eligible for the nfl draft in may, and if he is drafted he would become the first openly gay player in the history of the nfl. he told the sbn he wanted to own his truth and make sure he could tell his story the way he wanted to tell it. >> i'm not afraid of who i am. i'm not afraid to tell the world of who i am. i am michael sam, i'm a college
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graduate, i'm african-american, and i'm gay. >> officials with the nfl released a statement yesterday saying they support sam and they admire his honesty and courage. a possible end to the investigation around toyota and complaints of sudden acceleration, for that and the rest of the news before the bell it's bertha coombs live at c nrncnbc. >> good morning. we have futures pointing to a lower open. the markets are coming off of a topsy-turvy week, stocks falling sharply a week ago for several days, then a rally on friday after that mixed jobs report which showed fewer jobs created last month the unemployment rate fell even as more people were searching for work. the focus is on the congressional testimony from the new fed chairman or chairperson, i don't know what we're going to call her, janet yellen. folk it is will be watching to see what she has to say about
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the economy. the dow at 15,794, the nasdaq at 4126, after rising 69. toyota is reportedly close to settling a u.s. criminal probe into how it disclosed complaints about cases of sudden acceleration. "the wall street journal" says the automaker could pay $1 billion to end the investigation into one of its most embarrassing incidents. toyota is facing hundreds of lawsuits over issues brought to life after the death of a highway patrolman prompting a worldwide recall in 2009. yahoo! teaming up with yelp to help boost. yahoo! will incorporate yelp listings. the feature should be available in the coming weeks. yahoo! has content partner ships. seems everybody works together. so much now.
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>> we all love each other in the silicon valley. yes. bertha coombs, thank you so much. >> we especially love christina loren. she has been working a lot of o.t. but giving us a great forecast. >> over 6 1/2 feet of fresh powder. here's what happened with the snow. we had really great totals at the lower levels on friday, but then we had warmer rainfall come in as we headed through saturday and sunday. so a lot of your totals are above 7,000 feet. kirkwood, 6 1/2 feet, over 6 feet sierra at tahoe. squaw over five feet of white powder. we're going to hold on to a lot of this into next week which is ski week. i know the kids are excited about that. and we have more rain on the way and snow to tahoe deeper into the week. the weather story of the day is showers are clearing out. you'll notice on the seven-day forecast we are going to see a good deal of cloud cover each day this week but hold off on
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the next round of rain for most of the bay area until this weekend where as the storm track comes back in the north bay, as we head through wednesday and thursday. temperatures today are going to be back in the 60s so you'll probably notice that warmer difference, it's cool out there, breezy as well. and the winds are going to relax as we head throughout day. so coming up i'll show you who picked up the most rain. areas where you still want to really travel cautiously as we've got a lot of aftermath over the bay area from that big, big dousing of rain over the weekend. and then what's great news also is i get to show you how much more rain we expect as we head into the week. lots to talk b. right now i'm going to send it back to you. >> thanks so much. keep it coming. 4:48. a 21-year-old woman was drunk when she drove her camaro the wrong way on a freeway causing two crashes, killing six people. the woman was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of the pomona freeway when she hit two vehicles. a family of four was killed on
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impact. two people from another vehicle died on the way to the hospital. one person from the second vehicle survived that crash. the driver has a broken leg and internal injury but officials say she will be okay. she faces dui and vehicular manslaughter charges. >> a driver in san jose also accused of drinking before getting behind the wheel and causing a deadly crash. the driver crashed into a tree on snell avenue near 85. a passenger in the car was killed, another was injured. the driver was taken into custody and booked for driving while intoxicated and manslaughter. >> the man shot by police in san jose should survive. a carjacking suspect stuck a shot gun 18 person's face yesterday morning, stole the victim's car. it happened down the street from the san jose country club. officers found the suspect in the stolen car a few blocks away. stopped him after a short chase. investigators say while officers
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were attempting to take him in custody one of them feared for his safety and shot the suspect. officials say the suspect's injuries are not life threatening. >> still ahead, a lake tahoe athlete is america's newest gold medalist. we'll hear from jamie anderson. >> we talked about stuff in the south bay. the traffic flow is light right now. we'll talk about what else is going on farther east and across on the peninsula side as well.
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a very nice monday morning to you. still a little drizzly out there. this is a live picture of fremont where it's 4:52. >> more now from sochi this morning. she has america's newest golden girl title. we're talking about jamie anderson. >> anderson made olympic history winning the first gold medal in women's slopestyle. anderson tweeted out a photo with her family. she says it's a moment she will remember forever. >> i can't believe it. it's been so fun and just such an honor to be here and represent our country and really show the world what snowboarding is all b. it's a creative fun free spirited event, and i'm so thankful to debut it here in sochi. i hope everyone is stoked on it. >> very stoked.
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team usa swept the new slopestyle event. very cool. >> for team figure skating american gracie gold wowed the crowd in her free program. her stellar performance helped team usa pull off a bronze medal in that new event. >> i thought i'm the first lady to ever do for the us tuesday do the freestyle part of the team event like our team is going to go down as the first team for usa in the olympics. that's -- that's quite something. it's bigger than me. >> a disappointment for bode miller, in alpine skiing, he was largely considered the favorite to win downhill event. he started off strong but clipped a few gates and finished eighth. lake tahoe's travis finished. >> never a time to let up.
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that's what makes so it challenging. it's difficult. probably like the most premier downhill event. it's amazing. >> big action continues tonight here on nbc bay area. starting at 8:00 we have the gold medal final in women's alpine skiing super combined. the gold in men's mogul and the gold medal in the 1500 meter short track in men's speed skating. it starts tonight at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. >> in the meantime, we're watching those wet roads at least we had the weekend to prepare for it. >> true. i want to give a spoiler alert too. i'm going to give the results of the traffic. we don't do that? okay. not much after build-up for me. thank you. there's the music. here is 880, a smooth drive for oakland. the glowing lights, there is moisture in the air and likely slick roads so watch that. we'll look at the maps. the speed moves for 880, the
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area marked, we see a dip through downtown, there is a crew that might still be there, not really problems because the lanes should be clear by this time of morning. we haven't heard of delays. across the dumbarton bridge, 84, we marked. there was a wind advisory. that is very unusual for the dumbarton. that has been lifted. we have gusts for the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge reported by chp. that's not national weather service. here in the woodside area, portola valley, 84 and near 35, reports after tree down. bob is heading out to see. we had the rain and the trees are down. this happens at least once a year. and we'll look at the north bay, a smooth drive, no problems 101, glow egg light, it's moisture in the air but the active rain is kind of weaned off from the area and that's good for the morning commute. >> thanks so much. new york going to the dogs, canines from across the country will compete for the title of top dog this week. >> the westminster kennel club's
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annual dog show. competition including hounds, toys, nonsporting and herding groups. >> look at that spring. >> why listen to meext watch the dogs jump fences. this year the elite dog show welcomes three new breeds to the competition. the beloved rat terrier, portuguese and the chinook. >> our coverage from the winter games continue. our janelle wang joins us live from sochi. >> and we have a live look from san jose where it's drying out from the storms. we'll tell if you the weekend rain was enough to ease the drought.
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a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we have a live look at san jose, the rain has let up, it's a
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misty morning. but no major rain expected to fall today. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren for when the rain may return. >> good morning to you. yeah, we still have snowfall coming down in tahoe but for the most part the bay area is getting a little bit of a break at least for the next 72 hours. thanks for waking up with us. maybe you're just watching the olympics. stick with us, your home for the olympics and your weather coverage. we are just getting started. you can see now showers moving into tahoe where we accumulated 6-plus feet of fresh powder. and there is more on the way. but hey, the north bay, just got hammered. we bring in christie smith live in mill valley where they made up their entire average rainfall for the month of february over 72 hours. all of that rain coming in so fast, left a mark up there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah it's still a soggy mess but we are finally


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